Boyfriend Dungeon, which is both a dungeon crawler and a dating simulator, released earlier this year to positive reception, though it wasn't without some controversies along the way. Though it's half visual novel and half isometric dungeon crawler a bit reminiscent of Hades, the story that ties it all together encompasses stalking, which is a sensitive topic for some.

Still, it's a charming indie title nominated as a Game For Impact at this year's Game Awards. However, it has been seen as a bit short, only containing two dungeons or 'Dunjs' as they're called in the game, as some content promised during the Kickstarter campaign was delayed. Two more dateable weapons were promised as part of the higher Kickstarter milestones, but because of Covid-related constraints, not only was the game's release put off until 2021, but this additional content was promised as free DLC for Kickstarter backers, and paid DLC for others. But there's a bit more than just the two 'weaponbabes' that players can expect to arrive with the post-launch content.


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New Dateable Weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriends Dungeon Dateable Weapon Characters

Being able to date weapons is the main premise of Boyfriend Dungeon and currently, there are currently seven options, or six not including the cat Pocket who players can cuddle with but not quite in the same way as everyone else. And, despite its title, Boyfriend Dungeon also has a couple of non-male options: there's Valeria, an artistic dagger who creates art as a form of protest, and Sawyer, a nonbinary college student who hasn't yet figured out how to make a grilled cheese or turn their assignments in on time.

Likewise, one of the two new romances coming to Boyfriend Dungeon's DLC is another woman named Leah. She's an athletic hammer that dislikes the patriarchy and chapters but enjoys competition and karaoke. Because of Valeria's popularity, another dateable woman will be an exciting addition. And players have already met Jonah, and ax that used to date the player character's cousin Jesse. His role in the story comes to an abrupt halt, though it effectively hints towards future content when he mysteriously texts, "we'll meet again somehow, sooner than we think." And with both axes and hammers being common weapon choices in the gaming industry, fans will likely be eager to try them out.

It's possible, however, that there might be more on the way. Though developer Kitfox has only officially announced Leah and Jonah as the newest weapons that players can woo, a tweet from September states "more coming soon." This could be ambiguous so as to hint at other forms of gameplay, such as new Dunjs, which has also been confirmed. Or maybe there will be additional romances, perhaps ones that are already characters in the game. One moment towards the end of Sunder's storyline suggests that his companion Mandy was programmed with romantic possibilities, and the plot itself is left a bit open-ended. But unlike the additional Dunj, more weapons than Leah and Jonah have yet to be confirmed.

A New Dunj in Boyfriend Dungeon

Fighting enemies in Boyfriend Dungeon

The indie game's Kickstarter campaign made a whopping $272,000, wholly surpassing its final milestone of $200,000, which added "More Dunj Secrets." However, on the official Discord server for Kitfox Games, the developers confirmed another dungeon along with the two new weapons. This is great news because there are only two Dunjs currently available in Boyfriend Dungeon, both of which are rather short. Then there's the final "Dunj," though it really only encompasses the final boss battle of the game.

Overall, depending on how long one was to spend courting the gorgeous folks of Verona Beach, the game can be finished in less than eight hours easily. Because the charming romances with weapons and being able to use them in Dunjs, which were artfully designed, is what players enjoyed most about the game, these are both welcome DLC additions to Boyfriend Dungeon, and hopefully, it doesn't stop there.

Perhaps Kitfox has a few more additions up its sleeve for the post-launch content. There could be room to add onto the fan-favorite romances such as Seven and Isaac. Unfortunately, a release date for the DLC hasn't been announced yet, but hopefully, it's enough to get fans of the dungeon crawler to return to the game.

Boyfriend Dungeon is out now on PC, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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