This past week, Facebook Gaming streamer DisguisedToast announced that his contract would be ending with the platform and he would be moving somewhere new. Toast signed with Facebook two years ago and was one of the streaming service's biggest talent steals from Twitch. Toast has only grown in popularity at Facebook due to his prominence as an Among Us streamer, making his shift away from Facebook a big bit of news. Now Toast is officially streaming again, with his new home being none other than his old home -- Twitch.


On Tuesday, DisguisedToast told his fans that he was ready to start streaming again. This teaser didn't reveal his destination, however. He simply provided a time of "tomorrow 10am pst." On Wednesday, Toast officially started his stream on Twitch with a countdown and a wonderful song about "frenching Toast." When the countdown ended, Toast's voice rose and he confirmed what everyone had already figured out -- he was back on Twitch and he could play games now.

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Hilariously, Toast told his fans right off that bat that he had no plans for his return to the platform. He was just going to wing it, which is exactly what he's done all day. So far Toast spent some time talking with fans, played Super Auto Pets, Grand Theft Auto Online RP, Among Us, and then co-op Teamfight Tactics with friend and fellow streamer yvonnie. It's an appropriately chaotic Twitch streamer in which Toast himself admits he doesn't really know what's best to stream anymore.

DisguisedToast also had some fun with the announcement of his return to Twitch. While it was obvious to everyone who tuned into his first stream back on Twitch, Toast had a special message for folk who follow him on social media. In a short video posted on Twitter, Toast first teased a Twitch return with an empty bag with a Twitch logo on it. Toast then pulled a cake with red icing from the bag, a twist his fans may have expected implying he'd go to YouTube Gaming instead. Toast then had a second twist, confirming his return to Twitch by cutting into the cake and revealing it was purple inside.

Toast had previously teased hinted at his return to Twitch, telling his friend and fellow streamer Hafu he'd soon see her as "competition" again. But Toast is known for his tricks and jokes. It was never a sure thing until the "Subscribe" button returned to Toast's Twitch account.

Now that Toast is back on Twitch, fans should expect more of the same hijinks. Expect lots of Toast discourse on current popular streaming topics and drama, as well as an array of different games until Toast finds something both comfortable and successful to really dig into. This may be a period of transition, but fans can still confidently trust that Twitch will be Toast's home for a long time.

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