A Pokemon game's pseudo legendary often ends up being one of its most loved and most used. A lot of players see it as a just reward for fighting through many tough battles, and a powerful ally for taking on the Pokemon League and any post-game content that lies beyond. Their designs often invoke a feeling of power, they seem monstrous when compared to other Pokemon and are usually intimidating to see on the other side of the battlefield.

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However, not all pseudo legendaries are created equal, and there are just as many that are left by the wayside as there are beloved companions that remain on a player's list of favorites for years. From unfortunate type combinations to disappointing move pools, some of these powerhouses just don't live up to their pseudo legendary status. When all's said and done though, only one can be crowned the best pseudo legendary Pokemon.

Updated October 26, 2021 by Tom Bowen: All pseudo legendaries have their strengths, but there are one or two who are head and shoulders above the rest. Whether due to their unique type combinations or their impressive base stat totals, these powerful pseudo legendary Pokemon really are in a league of their own. With three new Pokemon games due out before 2021 comes to an end, many players will be looking forward to seeing some of these Pokemon return, not to mention the possibility of a few new pseudo legendaries making their series debuts.

9 Kommo-o

Kommo-o's Base Stats
HP 75
Attack 110
Defense 125
Special Attack 100
Special Defense 105
Speed 85
Total 600

First introduced in Pokemon Sun & Moon, this strange-looking dragon/fighting-type, unfortunately, falls victim to its mediocre speed and four times weakness to fairy-type attacks. While originally it had an incredibly powerful signature Z-Move in Clanglorous Soulblaze, this has since been replaced by the much worse Clanglorous Soul.

The former was a spread dragon-type move that also provided a boost to all its stats. Its replacement does still provide the same boost, but does so at the expense of some of the Pokemon's health and without dealing any damage to the enemy. Considering Falinks got a significantly better version of this in No Retreat, it has cemented Kommo-o's place as the worst of the pseudo legendaries available to date.


8 Goodra

Goodra's Base Stats
HP 90
Attack 100
Defense 70
Special Attack 110
Special Defense 150
Speed 80
Total 600

For a pseudo legendary, Goodra is downright weird. It is the only one that is mono-type, the only one that requires a special condition to fully evolve, and one of very few which focuses more on defense than offense. While its abilities are interesting and its move pool isn't terrible, it's also nowhere near as diverse as other dragon-types.

In addition to this lack of versatility, Goodra is let down by its less-than-stellar speed and offense. Although it can, to some extent, make up for this with the Gooey and Sap Sipper abilities, these options just aren't as reliable when more powerful Pokemon have better stats on top of their ability.

7 Hydreigon

Hydreigon's Base Stats
HP 92
Attack 105
Defense 90
Special Attack 125
Special Defense 90
Speed 98
Total 600

This nightmare fuel was once a god among Pokemon. With its great speed and offense, as well as its unique typing and diverse move pool, Hydreigon had a lot going for it during the Pokemon Black & White era. That all changed, however, with the introduction of the fairy-type in the sixth generation of Pokemon games.

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As a dark/dragon-type, Hydreigon suffers from the same four times weakness to fairy-types as Kommo-o, but, unlike generation seven's pseudo legendary, that didn't immediately take it out of the picture in terms of viability. As of Sword & Shield though, Dragapult, Duraludon, and Dracovish are all used significantly more often than Hydeigeon.

6 Dragonite

Pokemon dragonite
Dragonite's Base Stats
HP 91
Attack 134
Defense 95
Special Attack 100
Special Defense 100
Speed 80
Total 600

After Ash finally caught the original dragon-type in the Pokemon anime, Dragonite experienced a huge surge in popularity among Pokemon fans, despite players being able to use one in Sword & Shield until the Crown Tundra DLC. As one of the more balanced in terms of stat spread, its usage is much more diverse than many other pseudo legendary Pokemon, which is both a blessing and a curse.

With access to Thunder Wave, Roost, Swagger, and Substitute, Dragonite can be an annoying staller with its Multiscale ability, which halves all damage when its health is full, as well as a scary sweeper with Dragon Dance, Agility, and access to Max Airstream. Unfortunately, however, with no defined strength in any one area, it at times falls a little short of its fellow dragon-types.

5 Tyranitar

Tyranitar's Base Stats
HP 100
Attack 134
Defense 110
Special Attack 95
Special Defense 100
Speed 61
Total 600

One of only two non-dragon-type pseudo legendary Pokemon, Tyranitar is unique in many ways. As a dark/rock-type, a type combination unique to itself, with access to the Sand Stream ability, it is easy to see why Tyranitar is one of the more popular pseudo legendaries to be used in both casual and competitive play.

What Tyranitar lacks in speed it more than makes up for with its defensive and offensive abilities. Couple this with the Special Defense boost it gets when in a Sandstorm, and Tyranitar is truly a force to be reckoned with. It's also wildly popular for its pairing with the equally terrifying Excadrill, who can abuse the weather Tyranitar sets up to give itself a massive speed boost.

4 Garchomp

pokemon cynthia garchomp
Garchomp's Base Stats
HP 108
Attack 130
Defense 95
Special Attack 80
Special Defense 85
Speed 102
Total 600

As the signature partner of Cynthia, one of the hardest in-game trainers players have had to face, Garchomp gets a lot of love from players; and for a good reason. Its amazing offensive presence makes it a horrifying opponent to face, even when it's not played in a Sandstorm, but when paired with any partner that can set up the weather to its liking, it becomes near impossible to defend against.

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The Sand Veil ability boosts its evasion when in a Sandstorm, but its Mega form's Sand Force ability also boosts the power of its already hard-hitting ground-type moves. As Mega Evolution has been omitted entirely from Sword & Shield, it seems unlikely that fans will get to use Mega-Garchomp unless it returns in Legends: Arceus, but that won't stop players from tearing through teams with its base form instead.

3 Metagross

Pokemon GO metagross
Matagross' Base Stats
HP 80
Attack 135
Defense 130
Special Attack 95
Special Defense 90
Speed 70
Total 600

The second non-dragon-type pseudo legendary, and the only one not weak to either ice or fairy-type attacks, Metagross has a lot going for it. Its ability, Clear Body, stops its impressive stats from being lowered by an opponent, making it a clear target to get rid of quickly whenever it appears on the field.

This could theoretically be managed with any significantly fast Pokemon, as Metagross' speed is its weakest link, except that it gets Agility and future access to Max Airstream with Aerial Ace. Due to its steel/psychic-typing causing it to make moves that would otherwise be effective as neutral attacks, Metagross was largely responsible for the steel-type losing its resistances to dark and ghost-type attacks, just to make it easier to take down.

2 Salamence

Salamence anime Pokemon
Salamence's Base Stats
HP 95
Attack 135
Defense 80
Special Attack 110
Special Defense 80
Speed 100
Total 600

The Hoenn's second pseudo legendary scrapes by for the runner-up prize by the skin of its teeth, as the only thing stopping this monster from taking the number one spot is its current lack of available Mega Evolution. During Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire's prime, Mega-Salamence's use was only trumped by Mega-Kangaskhan, and even that was a nearly even split between the two.

Even in its base form, Salamence has two great abilities, Intimidate and Moxie, that make it a terrifying opponent to face in battle. However, the stat boost it gains from Mega Evolution puts it on a whole other level that even other Mega Evolved Pokemon struggled to take down on their best days.

1 Dragapult

Dragapult's Base Stats
HP 88
Attack 120
Defense 75
Special Attack 100
Special Defense 75
Speed 142
Total 600

The newest pseudo legendary is also arguably the best by quite a healthy margin. With its astronomical speed, impressive offensive stats, and decent defensive stats, Dragapult is the quintessential set-up sweeper. With access to Max Airstream and Dragon Dance, coupled with two amazing abilities, Clear Body and Infiltrator, the last thing a player should do is leave Dragapult alone and think they can take care of it later. In most cases, however, there is no "later" when this dragon-type is involved.

Dragapult is also unique as it is one of only two dual-type pseudo legendaries without a four times weakness to any attacking move, the other being Metagross. Dragapult is so powerful and popular among competitive battlers that it was even banned from use in online battles for some time to help even the playing field. All pseudo legendaries have their strengths, but none have quite as many as Dragapult.

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