Ground-type Pokemon are some of the strongest offensive Pokemon in the game. Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock and Steel Trainers will be trembling in their boots at the mere mention of the 100 Power, 100 Accuracy Ground-type move, Earthquake.

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Unfortunately, pure Ground-type Pokemon are a rarity - in 8 generations, only 17 Pokemon are pure Ground-type. Many Ground-type Pokémon are dual Rock types, lumbering them with 4x Grass and Water disadvantages. But what pure Ground-type Pokemon is the best?

17 Phanpy

Pokemon against region background

Whilst it may be one of the cutest Ground-type Pokemon, Phanpy’s poor… everything, means it’s also one of the weakest. Of course, this rankings list takes everything into account, including base stats, impact on the franchise and all-round cute appeal. But Phanpy is, regrettably, just wholly unforgettable.


16 Groudon

Pokemon against region background

Players might be surprised to find the Ground-type Legendary of Pokemon Ruby this far down on the list. For a creature known as the ‘Continent Pokémon’ that raised lands and expanded continents, this pure Ground-type titan falls victim to the common curse of Ground-type Pokemon - a weakness to Water-type moves.

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Legends tell of its many clashes against Kyogre, as each sought to gain the power of nature. But Kyogre is a Water-type Pokemon, so one Surf should be enough to end things once and for all.

15 Trapinch

Pokemon against region background

Trapinch is the only pure Ground-type Pokemon, bar Groudon, to appear in Generation 3. Whilst Trapnich can pack a hefty punch with a base 100 Attack stat, the rest of its stats are abysmal, leaving Trainers with much to be desired. It's worth keeping around for its Dragon/Ground evolution line though.

14 Sandslash

Pokemon against region background

Sandslash is the evolution of the very first ground-type Pokemon to be registered in the Kantonian Pokedex - Sandshrew. Whilst it’s true that Sandslash has decent Attack and Defense, the step down in design quality from the adorableness that is Sandshrew has left some players feeling disappointed over the past 25 years. Alolan Sandslash is a different story entirely, but unfortunately, it won’t be included on this list due to it being Ice/Steel typing.

13 Donphan

Pokemon against region background

This Ground-type Generation 2 Pokemon is well-known for playing a part on Ash’s Johto team. Whilst it’s prevolution, Phanpy, struggles with finding a place on a team, Donphan is a solid choice for a Ground-type tank with a base Defense stat of 120. Unfortunately, it’s let down by its 60 base Special Defence.

However, it’s not all bad news for this tough elephant line. If Trainers want to take the time to breed a competitively viable Donphan or Phanpy, it can learn Ice Shard as an egg move. Ground-type Pokemon are x2 weak to Ice moves, meaning it can be a devastating attack for other Ground-type opponents.

12 Drilbur

Pokemon against region background

This Mole Pokemon was introduced to Trainers in Pokemon Black and White. It’s friendly little face and big grin was enough to instantly win over the hearts of many players. It’s evolution, Excadrill, is a Ground/Steel type Pokemon that is a staple of many Generation 5 teams thanks to its high Attack stats. Unfortunately, Drilbur just isn’t as powerful as its evolution, meaning it takes a lower place on the pure Ground ranking list.

11 Silicobra

Pokemon against region background

Silicobra is the first stage of evolution of the Sandaconda line. This sand-covered snake was introduced in Generation 8 - the controversial Sword and Shield games.

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With total base stats of 315, Silicobra isn’t one of the strongest Ground-type Pokemon Trainers can have on their team. But with a face like that, who could resist? Silllicobra spews sand from its nostrils and burrows into the ground whilst the enemy is blinded to hide, which is certainly a strong defensive tactic.

10 Hippowdon

Pokemon against region background

Hippowdon is a Ground-type Pokémon introduced in Generation 4 and, more importantly, the very first hippo-themed Pokémon in the franchise. Known as the Heavyweight Pokemon, Hippowdon’s Pokedex entry says its mouth has enough power to completely crush a car. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that this monster has a huge attack base stat. Unfortunately, it just isn’t as cute as its prevolution, Hippopotas.

9 Mudbray

Pokemon against region background

This Ground-type Pokemon is known as the Donkey Pokemon and is strangely adorable. Sadly, Mudbray was over-hunted and can now only be found in the wild on the islands of Alola. Whilst that calls into question the morality of catching one for a Pokedex, it’s adorable nonetheless.

8 Diglett

Pokemon against region background

This speedy mound of dirt has captured the hearts of trainers since Generation 1. Whilst it may have one of the lowest base HP stats in Kanto, this Ground-type Mole Pokemon has an air of mystery to it. What lies below the surface? Nobody knows…

7 Dugtrio

Pokemon against region background

Dugtrio is basically three times the Diglett fun!

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It’s just a shame that Dugtrio is where the evolution line ends. Trainers have wondered if further evolutions would increase the number of heads this Pokemon has. What would a Dugquad look like? A Dughept? It’s fun to imagine.

6 Sandshrew

Pokemon against region background

Number 27 in the Pokedex, but Number 1 in some trainers heart. Sandshrew is the first pure Ground-type Pokemon that many Trainers encountered in Generation 1. Known as the Mouse Pokemon, Sandshrew curls up to protect itself from its enemies. What could be cuter than that?

5 Hippopotas

Pokemon against region background

This adorable hippo Pokemon was introduced in Generation 4. It is said that is it active during the day and passes the cold desert nights burrowed into warm, dry sand. It hate getting wet, which is fair, seeing as, much like all pure Ground-type Pokemon, it has a x2 weakness to Water-type moves.

4 Mudsdale

Pokemon against region background

Known for its incredibly strong legs, this Draft Horse Pokemon coats itself in protective mud. Its emotional strength is also praised. No matter what blows it suffers, it will never cry out in pain. But Mudsdale needs to learn that sometimes, it’s okay to cry.

3 Marowak

Pokemon against region background

Marowak is the evolution of the most heartbreaking story to exist in the pokemon universe - Cubone. More on that in a bit.

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What payers particularly love about this strong ground-type Pokemon isn’t its high Defensive capabilities (although that certainly doesn’t hurt). It’s the story of empowerment and survival that surrounds it in the lore. Despite Cubone’s trauma, Marowaks prevail to become one of the most desired pure Ground-type Pokemon out there. It also has a great Fire/Ghost Alolan form.

2 Sandaconda

Pokemon against region background

The evolution of Silcobora, Sandaconda is a Generation 8 Pokemon that players immediately fell in love with. Things only got better when Sandaconda got a Gigantamax form. More than 1,000,000 tons of sand swirls around this tremendous Gigantamax Pokemon, with such speed and power that it could pulverize a skyscraper.

Despite its relatively high defence stats, it isn’t as powerful as Trainers might expect from a final stage evolution.

1 Cubone

Pokemon against region background

Over the past 25 years, there isn’t another pokemon with a more tragic story than Cubone. Cubone wears the skull of its deceased mother as a helmet. This is a scarring bit of backstory that broke the hearts of an entire generation of gamers.

Known as the ‘Lonely Pokemon’, the Pokedex entry for Cubone states that its cries echo inside the skull and come out as a sad melody. There isn’t quite anything more mournful or soul-destroying than the thought of this baby, alone on a full moon, crying out for a mother it will never see again. However, the strength to power through their depression and anxiety is empowering. It's a forlorn reminder for Trainers to treat everyone with kindness.

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