With 18 different types having accumulated over the years, the Pokemon franchise gives trainers plenty of different options when it comes to catching and training potential Pokemon. Gym leaders and Elite Four members tend to stick to a particular type when constructing their party, but most trainers take a much more diverse approach to teambuilding.

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Often overshadowed by more popular types, Electric-type Pokemon have plenty to offer any given party. Pikachu might be the series’ most well-known Electric-type, but it’s far from the best you can get throughout your journey. With so many unique Electric-type Pokemon out there, narrowing down the best of the bunch can be tough. Luckily, these amazing Pokemon stand out as the best among their peers.

Updated October 9, 2021 by Adriano Valente: Electric-types can really help out any trainer looking to add some speed and firepower to their party. As a general rule, Electric-types tend to have better Special Attack, while sporting subpar Attack stats. There are some exceptions to this, but most of the series' reliable Electric-types will boast impressive Special moves that take advantage of their exceptional Special Attack. That's not to say that these Pokemon aren't versatile. Electric-types have the fewest weaknesses of all the other types alongside Normal-type Pokemon. This reliability in battle gives trainers tons of ways to approach various match-ups, which is why acquiring some of the best Electric-type Pokemon can be so beneficial.

15 Heliolisk

  • Highest Stat: Special Attack / Speed (109)
  • Best Nature: Timid
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Fighting (2x)

As stated earlier, Electric and Normal-type Pokemon both have the lowest amount of weaknesses in the games. Being an Electric/Normal-type, Heliolisk reaps the benefits and drawbacks of both. Its typing makes it weak to both Ground and Fighting-type moves, which gives it more weaknesses than what a pure Electric-type would have. On the plus side, it does get an immunity to Ghost-type moves.

Heliolisk's high Speed and Special Attack make it a great glass cannon. Trainers probably shouldn't expect it to last very long in most battles. But if used effectively in the right matchups, Heliolisk can really shine on most teams.


14 Zebstrika

  • Highest Stat: Speed (116)
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weak To: Ground (2x)

Unlike most pure Electric-types, Zebstrika has much higher Attack than it does Special Attack. With a variety of solid Physical moves in its learnset, this Electric Pokemon can be a useful addition to any party.

Zebstrika's biggest fault lies in its Defense. Both its base Defense and Special Defense come in at an abysmal 63. This means that it will likely fall to any opponent it fails to finish off with its first attack. It's another glass cannon that gives trainers the option of going for a Physical attacker instead.

13 Luxray

  • Highest Stat: Attack (120)
  • Best Nature: Jolly
  • Weak To: Ground (2x)

Luxray is another standout Electric-type that breaks the mold and boasts a higher Attack than Special Attack. Its Defense and Special Defense are average at best, as is its HP.

Trainers will need to get the most out of Luxray in battle, as it isn't tanky enough to sustain consistent damage. With 79 base Speed, it's likely that Luxray won't be attacking first against most opponents. But it's still one of the best Electric-type Pokemon thanks to its diverse learnset and high Attack stat.

12 Jolteon

Jolteon in the Pokemon anime
  • Highest Stat: Speed (130)
  • Best Nature: Timid
  • Weak To: Ground (2x)

It might not be the most popular Eeveelution in the franchise, but Jolteon is certainly one of the better pure Electric-type Pokemon you can train. With high speed and great special attack, Jolteon is best suited as a glass cannon and has tons of moves in its learnset that trainers can put to good use.

Like all pure Electric-types, Jolteon is only weak to Ground-type moves, adding in a resistance to Flying, Steel and of course Electric-types. With moves like Thunder, Discharge and Thunder Shock in its learnset alongside Thunderbolt and Electro Ball in its arsenal of TM/TR moves, trainers will have no problem getting the most out of Jolteon.

11 Ampharos

  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (115)
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Ice (2x), Dragon (2x), Fairy (2x)

Up to the end of Gen VII, Ampharos would have ranked much higher when compared to its fellow Electric-types. That has a lot to do with its Mega Evolution. Mega Ampharos is a great Pokemon that makes the most of Ampharos’ strengths and stands out as one of the better of the bunch.

The current games don’t allow players to make use of this mechanic, and so Ampharos must be judged on how it measures up in the current meta. A minimal stat boost following Gen VI rounded Ampharos’ base stats, though its speed remained subpar. Aside from that, Ampharos is a decently well-rounded Pokemon. It possesses great special stats, with its special attack something that trainers need to take advantage of in battle.

10 Magnezone

Pokemon Magnezone, Magneton, Magnemite
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (130)
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weak To: Fighting (2x), Ground (4x), Fire (2x)

Magnezone continues the trend of high special attacking Electric-types, coming in with a base special attack of 130 to go alongside 90 special defense and 115 defense. The final form in the Magnemite tree might scare some off with middling speed and HP stats, but its other stats more than make up for them.

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Being Electric/Steel-type, Magnezone comes with more weaknesses than your typical Electric-type Pokemon. Fire and Fighting weaknesses come alongside a quadruple weakness to ground. That might seem devastating, but Magnezone’s immunity to Poison and 11 type resistances more than make up for its shortcomings.

9 Electivire

Electivire in the Pokemon anime
  • Highest Stat: Attack (123)
  • Best Nature: Naive
  • Weak To: Ground (2x)

When looking at Electivire’s base stats, the one thing that really jumps out is its incredibly low defense. The rest of its stats are either decent or well above average. So any trainer looking to take this Gen IV Pokemon on as part of their team will need to keep its 67 base defense in mind.

Thunder Punch and Wild Charge are two Electric moves that will allow trainers to take advantage of Electrive’s 123 base attack. If that’s not enough, plenty of useful TRs can be found around the Galar region.

8 Eelektross

  • Highest Stat: Attack (115)
  • Best Nature: Rash
  • Weak To: N/A

There's more to Eelektross than meets the eye. This convenient Electric Pokemon has the Levitate ability, meaning that it isn't weak to Ground-types. This gives Elektross a huge advantage over other Electric Pokemon.

Speed is Elektross' only real weakness. With 50 base Speed, this Electric Pokemon will likely attack last in most battles. It has high enough Defense stats and boasts high Attack and Special Attack stats. Elektross is one of the more intriguing Electric POkemon in the game, and one trainers shouldn't overlook.

7 Xurkitree

Pokemon Xurkitree
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (173)
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weak To: Ground (2x)

Ultra Beasts might not have legendary status in the games, but these extraterrestrial Pokemon are some of the strongest and rarest you can come across. Xurkitree stands as the only Electric-type of the bunch and backs its claim as one of the strongest of its type.

Boasting an impressive 570 base stat total, Xurkitree’s only glaring weakness is its mediocre defense. What really sets this Pokemon apart from the rest is its massive special attack stat. With 173 base special attack, Xurkitree can do some real damage with many of the moves in its learnset.

6 Tapu Koko

Pokemon Tapu Koko
  • Highest Stat: Speed (130)
  • Best Nature: Timid
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Poison (2x)

As the guardian deity of Melemele Island, Tapu Koko is one of the stronger Electric-type Pokemon in the games. This Gen VII legendary boasts a dual Electric/Fairy-typing, making it one of the more discernible Electric-types on this list.

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Tapu Koko has great stats across the board. Its special defense and HP aren’t particularly impressive, but it makes up for this with great speed, attack, and special attack stats. Tapu Koko has a solid selection of Electric and Fairy-type moves in its arsenal. With so much variety, trainers should have no shortage of options when choosing how to play it.

5 Thundurus

  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (125)
  • Best Nature: Timid
  • Weak To: Rock (2x), Ice (2x)

Just like the other members of the Forces of Nature trio, Thundurus is a Flying-type Pokemon, having a dual Electric typing. Both its Incarnate and Therian forms have a base stat total of 580. Its Incarnate forme has higher attack and speed stats while its Therian forme sacrifices a fraction of both for better special attack.

Thundurus is a great all-around Pokemon regardless of its forme and comes with a massive move pool to play around with. One thing to keep in mind is that its Electric/Flying typing makes it immune to Ground-type attacks at the cost of a weakness to Rock and Ice.

4 Zapdos

Pokemon Best Dual Types Electric/Flying
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (125)
  • Best Nature: Timid
  • Weak To: Rock (2x), Ice (2x)

Another Electric-Flying-type, Zapdos was one of the strongest available Electric-types following its introduction in Gen I. Plenty of other Electric-types have been added to the series over the years but Zapdos is still in a league of its own.

Trainers would be wise to make the most of Zapdos’ high speed and special attack stats. With well above average HP, attack, defense and special defense, trainers don’t have to worry about Zapdos’ longevity in battle. A weakness to Rock and Ice-types serve as Zapdos’ biggest red flag. Regardless, its strengths outweigh its weaknesses.

3 Raikou

  • Highest Stat: Speed (115), Special Attack (115)
  • Best Nature: Timid
  • Weak To: Ground (2x)

Gen I might have had Zapdos, but Gen II quickly introduced another Electric-type legendary; Raikou. A pure Electric-type, Raikou is one of Johto’s Legendary Beasts and can be fairly tough for trainers to catch out in the wild.

Getting Raikou is well worth the effort put into finding it, as it’s one of the strongest pure Electric-type Pokemon in the franchise. High special and speed stats make Raikou one of the better-balanced Pokemon on this list. Its Hp and attack aren’t nearly as high but still well above average, and while middling, its defense is solid.

2 Regieleki

Regieleki Pokemon Sword Shield
  • Highest Stat: Speed (200)
  • Best Nature: Naive
  • Weak To: Ground (2x)

Regieleki is the newest Electric-type addition to the series and an intriguing option for any trainer looking for a new Electric-type. As a member of the Legendary Titans, Regieleki’s strength shouldn’t come as a surprise. The way its stats are distributed makes it one of the more unique Pokemon on this list.

Boasting 200 speed and 100 attack and special attack, Regieleki is a textbook glass cannon and probably the best Pokemon out there to fill the role. Its 50 defense and special defense are incredibly low, but with such high speed and attack stats it likely won’t matter.

1 Zekrom

Pokemon Zekrom
  • Highest Stat: Attack (150)
  • Best Nature: Adamant
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Fairy (2x), Ice (2x), Dragon (2x)

Zekrom is a fearsome legendary that stands as the best Electric-type Pokemon trainers can hope to have on their side. Most of its base stats are 100 or above, with its Speed coming in at 90. Such a well-rounded Pokemon can do wonders for trainers in battle, though using something so strong can take the challenge away at times.

As a Dragon/Electric-type, Zekrom has more weaknesses than the average Electric-type Pokemon. Aside from its weakness to Ground-types, Zekrom is also at a disadvantage when going up against Fairy, Dragon, and Ice-types. Given how strong this Pokemon is, that's an easy thing to look over.

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