Whenever there's a franchise like Pokémon that has creatures with elemental-type powers fans will often latch on to anything having to do with fire or water and most of the other types fall by the wayside.

Thankfully, the Pokémon franchise does a great job of creating cool and interesting pokémon for every type there is. Despite this, normal-type pokémon continue to fight a life of irrelevance to this day. To show them the respect they deserve, let's now rank the 10 best normal-type pokémon from worst to first.

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10 Porygon

Porygon was the pokémon you looked at and wondered why it existed. Once you learned a little bit more about it, you remembered that coders helped make the games so it makes sense there'd be a creature centered around data in their game.

Whereas most of the creatures are a melding of real-life living things, it's impressive that a pokémon like Porygon made the final release of the game. Having a polygonal creature based on data and computers bends the rules of what pokémon can be and could have been an understandable cut.


9 Exploud

If you happened to see the new Detective Pikachu film then you were treated to Exploud's middle evolution Loudred providing beatbox music entertainment during the underground pokémon battles. Loudred is the type of creature who likes to use its abilities to provide a good time for people, whereas its final evolution could accidentally cause a major earthquake. If you're the type of person who seeks out quiet solitude you're likely not the best fit for a literal loudmouth like Exploud.

8 Bewear

One glance at Bewear would have you assuming that it's a cuddly fairy-type bear pokémon that would be great to have as a live-in pet. It turns out that its look is all a facade as the pink and black creature is partially a fighting-type and comes in at a staggering 6' 11" tall.

They are said to be extremely dangerous, and, if you're a trainer who comes across their habitat, that you should avoid it for safety concerns as they are generally off-limits. Its name is also a warning in and of itself.

7 Oranguru

Anyone who's ever seen the Disney classic The Jungle Book could tell you about the legendary giant orangutan in that movie and how it was mystical, terrifying, and interesting all in the same breath. Oranguru is a pokémon designed around that same mystic and magical energy associated with the giant orange ape from that film. Though it doesn't have a previous or following evolution it does have a counterpart in Passimian. If you want to befriend Oranguru you must look towards the moon.

6 Toucannon

Is Toucannon a pokémon that looks exactly like the bird it's based on? Well yes, but it's not that big of a deal when toucans are already some of the coolest looking birds there are. If waking up and eating a bowl of Froot Loops never sold you on the colorful tropical birds, then one glance at Toucannon's multicolored beak and imposing stare will do the trick.

It happens to be the final evolution in a line of three and is worth investing in the tiny baby bird known as Pikipek and helping them become majestic.

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5 Noctowl

As a pokémon, Noctowl sports a design that isn't interesting or surprising. The fact of the matter is that owls are naturally interesting and mysterious looking creatures so by simply looking like a normal owl, Noctowl gets a spot as one of the better normal-type pokémon.

Truth be told, it is an evolutionary line that's ripe for a third evolution that takes it to the next level. A final evolution could embrace the predatory tendencies of owls and make it truly terrifying for those who are unimpressed with Noctowl's design.

4 Slaking

Though Snorlax will be talked about later in the list, Slaking is another lazy normal-type pokémon that happens to be quite a hassle in battle. This is pretty impressive considering Slaking is so dedicated to being lazy that it virtually exists laying in a lounging type manner and fights that way.

Since it mostly lays on its side it's hard to understand how large they are at an average height of around 6' 7". This means that this lazy sloth would tower over the likes of Charizard if it simply cared enough to stand up on its feet.

3 Braviary

Braviary seems to be a creature solely designed to embody American culture. Whether by accident or on purpose, this ferocious bird has a design and color scheme that's quite evocative of the United States. Braviary is made up of mostly red, white, and blue, and also is based mostly on eagles which happen to be the national bird of the United States of America.

Every generation of Pokémon games features new birds, but Braviary happened to feel unique and refreshing which is hard for expected types of new pokémon.

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2 Ursaring

Earlier, Bewear was mentioned as another cool normal-type pokémon who also happens to be based on a bear. Where it takes the approach of looking cute, Ursaring decided to lean into what can make bears terrifying to come in contact with.

Its pre-evolution, Teddiursa, is an adorable little cub with a crescent moon on its forehead which happens to evolve into a powerhouse of a creature. Its typing may not be all that interesting, but Ursaring will never back down from a fight.

1 Snorlax

Laziness is a trait that's often looked down upon, but, given the right circumstances, it can be a relatable feeling that can help form friendships and bonds. Snorlax are big cuddly loaves of laziness that trainers and fans just can't get enough of. Ever since the early days when trainers had to wake one up that was blocking a path, respect and admiration have only grown over the years. There's a reason it was made a rideable partner pokémon in the recent Let's Go games and let trainers cuddle him as he walked around.

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