Having a strong electric-type Pokemon can be incredibly useful during Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, particularly in Pastoria City, where players come up against the games' fourth gym leader, Crasher Wake. A Pikachu, for example, can make very light work of his three Pokemon, though, as is often the case, the Pokemon's evolved form, Raichu, could take care of things even faster due to its higher base stat totals and more powerful move set.


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Sadly, however, obtaining a Raichu isn't quite as simple as just leveling up a Pikachu, as the iconic yellow rat is one of three electric-types that require a Thunder Stone to evolve in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. This means that those hoping to get the very best out of their Pikachu are going to need to track down one of these elusive Evolution Stones, with a few different options available to them when it comes to where to look.

Where to Find a Thunder Stone in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl


Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl players looking to get their hands on a Thunder Stone can do so in a number of places. Perhaps the easiest is in Sunyshore City, where one can be found in the southeastern part of the city not far from the big lighthouse where players find Volkner. There's another one hidden in one of the rooms in the Solaceon Ruins to the east of Solaceon Town and one more on Route 229 near the southwest part of the big pond.


Alternatively, players can farm Thunder Stones by digging in the Grand Underground. It can be a rather time-consuming process, but as players will need to find as many as 42 Mysterious Shards to complete all of the activities at Ramanas Park, they'll probably pick up quite a few Thunder Stones anyway during the process. Should they end up with more than they need, they can always sell the stones at a Poke Mart for a little extra cash.

Pokemon That Evolve Using a Thunder Stone in Brilliant Diamond Diamond & Shining Pearl

  • Pikachu -> Raichu
  • Eevee -> Jolteon

Due to Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl only including Pokemon up to gen 4, the games feature just three Pokemon that evolve using a Thunder Stone. The first of these, Pikachu can be found in the Trophy Garden area, which is located behind the Pokemon Mansion on Route 212. Eevee is the second of the games' Pokemon that evolves using a Thunder Stone, and will be given to players by Bebe in Hearthome City once they've seen every type of Pokemon in Sinnoh and had their Pokedex upgraded by Professor Oak. Last but not least is Magneton, whose unevolved form Magnemite can either be found in the Grand Underground or at the Fuego Ironworks factory.

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