Pokemon Sword and Shield throws plenty of new faces at trainers as they travel through the Galar region. At the same time, many Pokemon from older regions make their return in Generation 8.

Even though the National Pokedex has been removed, lots of fan favorites from previous entries can still be caught in-game. Memorable for their design, lore, presence, or other reasons, trainers will find the motivation to catch them all. One of these breakout characters is Mimikyu, which has been a hit with the fan-base.


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Mimikyu was first introduced in Generation 7, as an Alola region native. The Pokemon hides its true form under a worn-down Pikachu costume, hoping to achieve the same popularity as the series' mascot. Oddly enough, its wish appears to have been granted as Mimikyu has proved to be insanely popular with fans in the real world. Furthermore, the Pokemon debuted early in the anime and even became a recurring character after being caught by Team Rocket.

In-game, Mimikyu has a unique Ghost/Fairy-typing which provides interesting strengths and synergy. Furthermore, Mimikyu comes with its signature ability Disguise, which reduces damage dealt by the first attack that hits it to 10-percent. Compared to its debut games, however, finding Mimikyu in the Galar region will take a bit more effort. This guide will detail where and how to uncover Mimikyu in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Finding Mimikyu

pokemon sword and shield mimikyu in the giant's mirror

Before they can start, trainers need to complete the main story in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This is essential because it unlocks fog in the Overworld, which is the condition to encounter Mimikyu. After the credits, Mimikyu will be located at the Giant's Mirror section of the Wild Area when there is foggy weather. Note that Mimikyu will not spawn visibly in the Overworld and must be encountered through red exclamation points in the tall grass. Trainers should be aware that Mimikyu has a 3-percent chance to spawn and will range from Level 26-28 so come prepared to spend some time searching for the elusive Pokemon.

In the end, trainers finding and catching Mimikyu in Pokemon Sword and Shield isn't particularly difficult, just locked behind a post-game feature. After satisfying the conditions, trainers will eventually run into the Disguise Pokemon and with the right Poke Balls on hand they can finally give Mimikyu the home and adoration it wants.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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