The latest Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion is out, and it has brought two very rare Pokemon from the previous generations. In the Isle of Armor expansion, trainers will be able to catch two of the rarest Pokemon from the 5th Generation, Larvesta and Volcarona. Larvesta evolves into Volcarona, so players who get their hands on it can add both Pokemon to their Sword and Shield Pokedex after evolving it. However, so far trainers have been wondering where to find the Pokemon as both these Pokemon were very hard to find in previous games.


How to Find Larvesta and Volcarona in Pokemon Isle of Armor

Since the expansion is fairly recent, it’s still difficult to confirm how many actual locations spawn these Pokemon. Still, there are some spots where both Pokemon have been spotted on a very regular basis. So, trainers will be able to run into the new Pokemon at the Loop Lagoon or Forest of Focus.

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Best Time to Find Larvesta in Pokemon Sword and Shield

There’s a high chance that there may be other spots in the Isle of Armor where the Pokemon spawns, but those are confirmed locations where the Pokemon have been spotted and encountered by different trainers. Also, it has been reported that the Pokemon may only be available for encounters during intense sunlight so players will have to plan their trips to these locations during intense sunlight if they want to ensure they get their hands on a Larvesta. According to reports, intense sunlight will be the locked weather option on July 1, which might be the best time for finding and catching Larvesta.

How to Evolve Larvesta into Volcarona in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Those who are lucky enough to catch a Larvesta can start working on evolving it to Volcarona. However, unlike many other Pokemon, Larvesta is not that easy to evolve since players need to get it to level 59, which can be a lot of work. Although, Volcarona is a powerful Pokemon and can work in a lot of different team combinations if players are looking for a competitive advantage, so it’s definitely worth the effort. Also, those who want a complete PokeDex in the Isle of Armor will have to evolve it to fill the empty spot in their dex.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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